Saying Goodbye to Pocket

Pocket (formerly Read It Later) is one of the most popular services that lets you mark web content for later. It's a fantastic application, and I have no complaints - it has a really good Firefox extension, the Android / iOS apps are fantastic, and the syncing works seamlessly.

But I don't need it anymore.

Yesterday, I blogged about how I'm giving Delicious a shot at organizing and archiving all of my favourite content on the web. Delicious has very good support for tags, and it also lets you create an RSS feed of all your public links. Combine the two, and you have a very effective and elegant solution to your read-later problems!

Whenever you come across a link you want to archive, just save it with the tag 'RIL'. (The link needs to be public). Next, head over to your profile and enter 'RIL' in the tag filter text box. The resulting URL should look something like<username>/RIL. Ordinarily, dropping this URL into a feed aggregator would have solved the problem, but unfortunately this feed will only contain a list of links with no text in them. That is, each feed will only contain a link to the original web page, and not the contents of the web page itself. Not exactly what we're looking for.
To generate a full - text RSS feed of pages tagged with 'RIL' (or any other tag), I used a tool called Ful Text RSS Feed Builder. Drop the link to the tag of your choice, and it will generate a complete feed with the contents of each linked page. Now use the new link it generates and enter this new link into your RSS feed reader. Done!

The Google Reader app on Android lets you create a shortcut to a specific feed (or folder) on your home screen, so that's an added bonus!

EDIT: I realized sharing a link to the Delicious app on Android everytime and manually adding tags could be slightly painful, so I created an IFTTT recipe to automatically import links in any tweets that I favourite into Delicious along with the label 'ril'. (I had something similar set up for Pocket as well). You can find the recipe here.


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