Finally, A Schedule!

Ever since I've joined college and started living on my own, my daily schedule has gone for a toss. Though I'd written about what a typical Sunday is like, it was more of an attempt to show how chaotic life can be when you're living by yourself in a hostel. So I've never really had a schedule for the past 3 years, and I can never tell what I'm going to be doing tomorrow at this time. 

Except for the last month.

I came back home for my summer break almost a month ago, but I only just noticed how I've been unwittingly following a schedule for the last month or so. This is thanks chiefly due to my internship at Digit, which apart from being all sorts of awesome, takes up a large chunk of my day. It's been many years since I've had a schedule so I thought I'd write about it.  So a typical day goes something like this:

I wake up around 10am and before getting out of bed and check my phone for any notifications. As if that wasn't convincing enough, I proceed to turn on my laptop and do some aimless browsing before my mum decides it's high time I left for work. (This is a significant change from before, I used to typically laze around with Malishka's voice in the background, a bunch of newspapers around me and a cup of coffee ;-)) Once at work, I'm barely aware of the time, and before I know it, it's late evening, and I head back home, typically by 9pm or so.

I'm usually exhausted by the time I get home, so I dump my bag and  have dinner with my parents while watching Junior Masterchef (which my dad just can't get enough of). Dinner rarely takes more than 15min, and I'm back to my room (which is a luxury compared to my hostel room) and back to what can only loosely be called, 'work'. That can range from finishing incomplete articles, catching up on Twitter and Quora or playing around with python, all while listening to some great, relaxing music on 8tracks. (Which btw, I cannot recommend enough. It is hands down, the BEST internet radio service if you live outside the US, as most services like Pandora, Slacker or Songza don't work outside the US). This slowly transitions into watching a few episodes of Friends or The Office on my laptop, and putting it away only when I realize I've dozed off, which is anytime between 2am and 3am.

Not very healthy, as you might've noticed, as a large part of my day is spent in front of a laptop. I'm hoping to remedy that over the weekends :P


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