Google's Services At Your Fingertips (literally)

I was trying out an add-on for Todo.txt called 'google' that allows you to push or pull your tasks to Google Tasks, but in the process I discovered this utility called googlecl. It is, as you might've guessed, a command line tool to access some of Google's services, including Picasa, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, Youtube, Blogger and Google Docs. It lets you perform a variety of actions depending on the service, but common actions include downloading content from these services, creating and uploading new files (photos to Picasa, blog posts to Blogger, calendar entries to Google Calendar and any other type of file to Google Drive). I haven't tested all the options, but the few I did test worked really well!

After installing it, check the man page for a complete list of all that you can do with googlecl. When you make a request for an action, it first asks you for your username, and then opens a browser window for authenticating the user via OAuth. After signing in from the browser, you're given a key. Copy-paste this key into the terminal, and you're good to go! You'll have to separately authenticate each service the first time you use it, but after that it's easily the fastest way to access any Google app. No frills, doesn't require any fancy dependencies or a GUI to slow you down!

Here's an example:

Using googlecl to control Google Contacts. I've already authorized it to access my account.

Pretty cool (read geeky), right?