Tip : Using Ubuntu's globalmenu to get to your files faster

Here's a short tip for Ubuntu users that might help you get to your files faster.

When I was on Ubuntu 10.10, I used a Docky setup where I had two docks – one main dock at the bottom which had all my running programs and pinned apps, and another one on the right where I had my bookmarked folders and mounted volumes.

Starting with Ubuntu 11.04, the default interface is Unity, which doesn't allow you to move its 'launcher', and you can't pin folders to the launcher either (apart from the default nuatilus icon which takes you to your home folder). However, Unity does inlcude a feature called the globalmenu – wherein the menu for any active application shows up on the top panel, and is hidden unless you mouse over it.

When you're on your desktop, a quick mouseover reveals the regular Nautilus menu, which includes a very handy 'Places' menu. It houses all of your Gtk bookmarks along with some other important folders you might want to access. So whenever you want to access specific files or folders on your hard drive, instead of first opening the home folder and navigating your way through nautilus, just use the 'Places' dropdown menu – it'll get you there quicker !

Tip : Peeling the cover off cheese cubes

If you’re like me and believe that adding cheese to anything increases its awesomeness 100X, then you’ll love this tip.

Use a knife and cut the cube in half. Just peel the cover off using the edge along which you’ve just made the cut. It’ll come off all in one piece and you won’t have to worry about cleaning up those tiny shreds of plastic. Ta-da !

Note : I learnt this tip at a dhaba, while waiting for my Cheese Kulcha. Needless to say, it was heavenly.