What’s your Sunday morning song ?

“Sunrise , Sunrise
Couldn't tempt us if it tried
Cuz the afternoon's already come and gone “

- Sunrise, Norah Jones

Think of a typical Sunday morning, when you can afford to lie in, and the only thing that can draw you out of bed is a hot, strong cup of coffee and the bundle of Sunday newspapers with their colourful supplements, just waiting to be devoured. The very thought of having an entire day stretched out in front of you, with absolutely nothing to do ! (A cricket match, perhaps ?) No obligations, no responsibilities, a blank to-do list - you get the picture...

What’s playing on your stereo at this time ? Do you have a special ‘Sunday Morning’ song ? Or are you a radio person, with a chirpy RJ and her ‘Good Morninggggggggg Mumbai’, telling you what a bright and cheery day it is ?

Here are three of mine, off the top of my head :

1. Sunrise - Norah Jones
2. Why Georgia - John Mayer ( “...kind of morning that lasts all afternoon”)
3. Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

The last one’s a very recent addition, thanks to a friend :)

So I’m a pretty lazy guy, like you might have guessed :D

Nothing in particular

Note : I wrote this on the way back to Goa from Mumbai last week. It's also my first 'random' post ! :)

There’s a strange romance associated with train journeys isn’t there ? I’m not a frequent train traveller, but I’ve always found the journey very comforting, not just comfortable. There’s something very reassuring about the way you can just stretch your legs and relax , watch the countryside float by, the constant chatter of co-passengers... Without consciously realizing it, you end up building a bond with the fellow passengers in your coupe, which I don’t see happening elsewhere. Add to that some great music, and you’ve really got something going !

I’ve got one eye outside, watching a blur of stations fly past. I think we just passed Dadar.

I love Mumbai, and sorely miss the hustle and bustle of the metropolis when I’m away. On a semi-related note, watch Dhobi Ghat if you haven’t; it’s a great movie.

I’ve got Bombay Rain playing on my iPod. It’s a beautiful song, very melancholic but therapeutic at the same time. The verse reminds me of some turbulent, swirly shape, like a confused jet of water.

We just crossed Thane, which means we’re not within the city limits anymore.

It’s quite fitting that Bombay Rain is the last track on the album isn’t it ?

Getting Started With Ubuntu Linux : Installation (I)

(NOTE : If you're visiting my blog for the first time, take a look at this first)

Now that you've decided to give Ubuntu a shot, here's a pretty simple guide on how to go about it.
One very unique but incredibly useful feature is the concept of ‘Live Media’. What it essentially means is, that you can try out Ubuntu (and most other distros) directly off a CD or a USB stick, without touching your hard drive. So you can access pretty much all the features of a fully featured OS without writing a singly byte of data onto your hard drive. It allows you to gain familiarity with the User Interface, and decide for yourself if splitting your hard drive is really worth it. (There’s a mild Horcrux reference in there ;) )
This is supposed to be a very generic guide, there are loads of detours one can take, depending on how old/recent your system is and your personal preferences. It also focuses on the Ubuntu Desktop/Netbook Edition, I have no idea what the Ubuntu Server Edition is like. I’ve split up this guide into two parts because of it’s size; since being the first truly ‘technical’ post I couldn’t afford to be brief.