Why Linux ?

Although I don't want to turn this into a fully technical blog, I couldn't resist writing another post about my Oh-so-lovely Ubuntu - so bear with me on this one ! After a brief introduction into the world of Linux, I'll now try to win you over by telling you why you should use it. So here goes :
Why you should make the switch :

Ubuntu 101

I recently volunteered for an LUG installfest. It was a deeply satisfying, almost spiritual experience, watching some hundred-odd people switching over to the Linux way of doing things. One of my friends overheard me explaining its merits and advantages to a junior, and he said I'd make a great Linux salesperson. (I'm not sure how one sells something that's free of cost, but that's another issue) But this provided an impetus that this blog required, so you'll find loads of linux tips, tutorials throughout. Most of them will be specific to Ubuntu-based distros, since it's the most widely used. So here goes my first ever blogpost, an introduction into the world of Linux. Happy Reading !


I've been toying with the idea of starting a blog for quite a while now, though I don't know exactly why. Maybe I've started missing those DePP write-ups ? (Seriously, no) So I intend this to be an accumulation of my interests and everything that fascinates (and annoys) me. So here's to good music, good food, good coffee and Linux !