Apps for the 'unsmart' phone

The other day I was searching for some java applications for my Nokia phone, when I found this neat little app called 'Snaptu'. What it is, is basically a placeholder for other apps, including popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), your favourite tech blogs (Mashable, TechCrunch, Ars Technica and LifeHacker), sports updates, news, weather and pretty much anything else you would want to be informed of.

Now the beauty of this app, is that :

  1. It's cross-platform and runs on most mid-range phones, so you don't need to be sporting the latest QWERTY or touchscreen device to use it.
  2. It's completely free of cost.
  3. All the 'apps' have very elegant, clean interfaces, focussing on usability.

The third point is probably the most important. What I mean is, that these apps are standalone applications, not just links to their respective websites. So if you're using say, the Facebook app, you'll see a nice home screen with large icons telling you about your notifications, messages, requests etc. Similarly, the twitter app makes tweeting, replying, searching, following and all your twitter activities really simple. Same goes for the blogs, where you'll see all recent posts' topics in a highly-readable interface; click on it and you can access the whole article.

While on the topic of mobile apps, also check out eBuddy and Nimbuzz – both are multi-protocol chat clients for your mobile device, both are cross platform, free and support all popular chat accounts. Go ahead and give these a try, you'll be surprised with what your phone is capable of !


  1. okay for once i am proud that i can do this, paanini who told you about these apps and the internet plan that you are using on your phone ? :O

  2. Apps for average phones are quiet cool thanks

  3. Paanini who told you about these apps and the internet plan that you are using on your phone

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