What’s your Sunday morning song ?

“Sunrise , Sunrise
Couldn't tempt us if it tried
Cuz the afternoon's already come and gone “

- Sunrise, Norah Jones

Think of a typical Sunday morning, when you can afford to lie in, and the only thing that can draw you out of bed is a hot, strong cup of coffee and the bundle of Sunday newspapers with their colourful supplements, just waiting to be devoured. The very thought of having an entire day stretched out in front of you, with absolutely nothing to do ! (A cricket match, perhaps ?) No obligations, no responsibilities, a blank to-do list - you get the picture...

What’s playing on your stereo at this time ? Do you have a special ‘Sunday Morning’ song ? Or are you a radio person, with a chirpy RJ and her ‘Good Morninggggggggg Mumbai’, telling you what a bright and cheery day it is ?

Here are three of mine, off the top of my head :

1. Sunrise - Norah Jones
2. Why Georgia - John Mayer ( “...kind of morning that lasts all afternoon”)
3. Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

The last one’s a very recent addition, thanks to a friend :)

So I’m a pretty lazy guy, like you might have guessed :D


  1. Dont worry, be happy - Bobby McFerrin
    Love Song - Sara Bareilles
    michelle - The Beatles

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